Espresso Parts HQ 14g Ridgeless Style Double Portafilter Basket

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This 14 gram portafilter basket, while not an original OEM part, is quite popular amongst those who have realized it's benefits. Compatible with most "standard" sized commercial espresso machine portafilters, it will accept a 58 mm or smaller tamper base (measures 58.5 inside diameter at about the middle).

This actually is a higher quality reproduction of the infamous double basket without a retaining ridge. So what's the big deal with this basket size and shape? Why is it without a retaining ridge and why is it so popular?

A handful of years ago, a little mistake was made at the original manufacturer and the ridge was not stamped into the basket. Turns out that this was one of those happy accidents of advantageous mistakes that has been beneficial to those who enjoy making perfect espresso. The lack of a retaining ridge allows the use of a 58mm hand tamp and the the pattern and hole aperture of the basket proves to be beneficial to espresso preparation. Perfect for commercial use or with prosumer machines. Back in the day we requested another round of mistakes, and another, and so on. We've recently had them manufactured to our updated specs and using more precise updated manufacturing techniques with a post production clean up and deburring. Hold it up to the light and witness the glory or the perfectly formed holes with zero blockage left behind from misshapen or unpunched holes.

These baskets at these prices are the future of precision espresso machine parts. Stayed tuned and see what we do next.

More on our new HQ Precision Filter Baskets:

The creation of perfect espresso doesn't stop at the group head. That was the stance we took when heading down the path looking for better portafilter baskets. As a result of testing a lot of baskets, we found that there was a particular basket in the bunch that performed better than the others. Now all we had to do was find the people behind the work. All we can say from here is that as luck would have it, it seems we were looking for each other. The result are these awesome portafilter baskets with a micro-fine finish, created utilizing a technique developed by the manufacturer.

The final process used in the creation of the baskets may be the most important. Not only does it leave a distinct sunburst pattern, the inside bottom of the baskets receive a final cleaning using a laser to remove any jagged edges from the perforation process. The result is that every hole in the basket is clear of metal debris and the holes are of even size and shape, allowing for a more even distribution of water through the extraction.

We are offering four different baskets at this time. The idea was to create four baskets based upon our most popular selling baskets.

We are excited to offer these quality created baskets, and we think you will agree that the results are in the cup!

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Manufacturer Espresso Parts
Size Short (10 cm)
Details EPHQ

4.77 Average

35 Reviews

Ed Simpson

Got exactly what we ordered, works great!


Excellent and fast service. After I reported that the part shipped to me had a slight damage, a replacement was immediately mailed to me without even asking for it. Exceeded my expectations!


Perfect fit for my Gaggia Classic portafilter using an 18 g dose.


Part is as described. Well made and a good fit for my older version Rancilio Silvia portafilter. Fast shipping; easy transaction.


I was comparing this to an 18gram gaggia OEM and notice the size is not much different. I still think its a great product, I was shooting for small dosage 12 grams, but this 14 grams seems too big even if i only put 12 grams


I haven't used this yet but its the second one of these I've purchased. I bought the first one 3-4 years ago and it works well. Also, economical.

Magnus Persson

Fits perfectly in my Silva portafilter and allows me to put the adequate amount of coffee in the portafilter which I could not achieve before. The shots looks and taste great and it is an easy, but clear upgrade. Highly recommended. Great customer service too btw in terms of answering questions.

Jason Bowker

Well made, right size and fits my machine well. I like not needing to "snap" the basket out.


Customer Service was very helpful and knowledgeable in figuring our my problem. The part was shipped quickly and I am back up and running - thank you


Great basket.

Jonathan P Sevchek

This is my new go to basket for my gaggia classic bottomless portafilter. Easily holds 17g for my needs. Being ridgeless its easy to remove without prying.

Robert Bedwell

Perfect match for my Londinium R lever machine. Will accommodate doses sizes 14 to 20 grams. Seldom use VST’s. I would also like to give your customer service rep “HEATHER” a huge thank you for handling a misplaced order so efficiently. It is extremely rare to find a service rep this knowledgeable, enthusiastic, focused on making a customer happy, professional and efficient. Thank you Heather!

Michael Jones

It's perfect for my Gaggia Classic.

Danny Ramirez

One of the best kept secrets. This is one great basket for making single espresso shots!

Timothy G Czarnecki

Great basket at a great price. I'm making some of the best espresso I've ever had with this unpressurized basket. You can't go wrong with this company.


Seems like this basket is less sensitive to it not being super dry. The stock Gaggia Classic basket would throw off a shot if it wasn't bone dry before adding in coffee. You really had to take a few seconds to dry the inside with a towel before use. The slightest bit of condensation in the basket before adding coffee and the shot would go to slow. I obviously heat my portafilter on the machine before use and also do a quick blank shot to heat the basket. This new basket only requires a quick wipe with a towel without having to spend 10 seconds polishing it dry. More consistent shots for sure. It also takes 18 grams on the Gaggia, keeping a few millimeters between the group head and the puck, where the stock basket took 16. Long story short - more consistent, more forgiving, easier to use, more reliable. No-brainer for less than $5!


This sucker takes more than 23g of Dawson and Taylor's best. Finally, I can stop overtamping my standard silvia basket to espress enough coffee.


I've started to replace all my baskets with this one. It's super consistent and is perfectly made


This is obviously a more precision-machined basket than the OEM double that came with my Gaggia Classic. The holes are much more uniform and slightly larger, but I found that I didn't really have to adjust my grind to achieve similar yield with the same parameters. I definitely noticed more depth of flavor and sweetness out of my current coffee.


I love this Porta filter. It's my Rancilio V5 perfectly. No Ridge means it's great for putting approximately 30 lb of pressure onto my ground beans


Great shape with straight sides holds a good amount of coffee without being too big for Gaggia and Rancilio home machines. Fits snugly in Gaggia classic portafilter, aftermarket bottomless for the gaggia, and Rancilio v3 style bottomless. Loose fit for double spouted rancilio silvia v3 style portafilter (falls out when upside down). Does not fit v1 style silvia portafilter, which has a small ridge that prevents baskets from fitting in properly (the stock double with the ~2001 silvia is much shorter, holding only a measly 12g). I have two of these for pulling doubles in the two bottomless filters. Only one drawback is that the puck breaks up and leaves coffee around the bottom edge of the basket, so wiping it out with a rag or giving it an extra rinse is a necessity.


Cheap no-brainer upgrade for my gaggia classic. Works great and my 58.3mm tamper works perfectly.


It fits the Gaggia Classic PF and group head perfectly. It looks and feels smoother to the touch. First shot required a slightly coarser grind and came out perfect. However, seemed more revealing of the beans that I ended up not liking and tossing out.


was in the market for an exchange for the stock Rancilio Silvia double basket. after a lot of research this basket won hands down by price/value ratio and glad it did. does the work flawlessly, tested on a naked PF. for the cost, it's a win! congrats, Espresso Parts, for this one!

Mike L

Bought this for my Wega mininova machine. Struggled with uneven extraction with a few different standard baskets; this one works the best, more even and more consistent extraction, can't beat the price either.


I bought this because the 14 gram basket that came with my Gaggia was too small, and the 21 gram triple basket was too large for the 18 gram does I prefer, so mostly I was just hoping it would be a better sizer, but I was very pleasantly surprised to discover this basket slows down the flow considerably, and shows a better distribution in the bottomless portafilter than I was able to get before. This allowed me to back off the grinder 2 notches courser for the same extraction time, and more importantly the taste in the cup is much improved over the other baskets I've used. This made lighter roasts easier to brew, and made my favorite medium/dark roasts taste better than ever.

John A

I failed to mention the reason I like this basket. It has straight, untapered sides. That means more coffee per extraction. Love that design aspect of it. The basket still sticks to the group head when I remove the pf holder in the morning. Other than that, works great. To be clear, the basket always comes down with the pf holder after extraction for dumping the puck.


Love the basket. Glad someone made the mistake and I get the benefit. Took a bit to figure out grind and pack but great results. Thanks

John A

Well made and like that it is a true double basket. Looked forward to not having a ridge. Unfortunately, without the ridge, the basket often stays with the grouphead on my Rancilio S27. Sometimes it comes down with the extracted coffee or not. Sometimes it comes down and leaves the coffee in the grouphead and the basket is half out of the pf holder. When it's empty, such as when I go to make coffee in the morning, the basket will stay behind. Without the ridge, there is no means to secure it to the pf holder.


A great improvement over my stock Rancilio Silvia doulbe basket. I have a PID'ed machine and wasn't producing rich/flavorful shots. After purchasing this basket and being able to updose to around 17g - 18g, the quality of my shots have improved tremendously! The stock Silvia basket simply doesn't hold enough ground coffee.