yama glass pour over, slow bar, and other coffee brewers for home or commercial use

The Yama Glass company, based in Taiwan, creates hand blown glass that makes the perfect coffee brewing material. Tempered and heat resistant, Yama Glass coffee brewers are beautiful, durable and practical. Espresso Parts is proud to provide a variety of coffee brewers from Yama Glass.

The Yama Siphon Coffee Brewer is an extraordinary spectacle. As beautiful in appearance as it is in action, the siphon coffee brewer has been in use since the 1830's, having been patented for commercial use by Mademoiselle Vassieux in the early 1840's.

Sometimes called vacuum coffee brewers, siphon coffee is made by boiling water, creating pressure in the lower chamber that pushes the water up through the siphon tube as it expands. The top container houses a filter which prevents grounds from getting to the bottom container, and once the grounds are fully saturated and steeped, removing the heat and allowing the bottom chamber to cool will cause the freshly brewed coffee to pass through the filter and fill the space created when the water vapor cools and contracts.

Yama's hand blown, heat resistant glass is perfect for siphon coffee brewers, as inferior products can crack from the extreme temperatures. Espresso Parts is proud to carry both stovetop and tabletop Yama Glass Siphon Coffee Brewers. Check out our selection here.

The Yama Halogen Beam Heater is a perfect addition to any brewing station. With a classic, steampunk style, it complements the siphon brewer perfectly.

350 Watts shine through the glass of the siphon brewer, providing both practical heat and unparalleled aesthetic value. UL certified for safety, the Halogen Beam Heater is great alternative to the alcohol burner or stove top heating methods. Get a single or triple beam heater here.

Yama Silverton Brewers are a unique blend of the pour over and immersion brew methods. Used to make both hot and cold brew coffee, Silverton brewers are a versatile piece for your coffee brewing arsenal.

The Yama Silverton Brewers have a conical glass beaker into which you can place a ceramic, paper, or steel filter. They are easy to use. Simply add the filter, and the grounds, make sure the valve is shut or on a low drip (it’s fun to play around with different settings), and either pour a bloom and finish as you would a standard pour over, or pour in all the water at once and brew with immersion. After 3-4 minutes, open the valve and let the coffee flow through the filter and into the bottom beaker. The resulting cup is full bodied and smooth, providing a thorough extraction. For an easy Silverton reference, check out our infographic-style Yama Silverton recipe. To see our different styles of Yama Silverton Brewer, or to order accessories, click here.

The Yama Glass French Press is a classic full-immersion brewing method that requires little time or attention. Add grounds to the bottom, pour in boiling water, and leave it for the desired amount of time. Come back and gently push down the plunger (this is why they call it plunger coffee in Europe and Oceania) to keep all of the grounds at the bottom, and pour. It’s that easy. Not a coffee drinker? French presses are great for brewing loose leaf teas and cascara as well! Check out the sizes here.

Sock filters are perhaps the oldest form of filtration for coffee. The design has progressed over time, however, using a Yama Glass Sock Pot is a well developed experience. Sharing the conical shape of most modern pour over brewers, a sock pot coffee brewer makes for a very simple process. Simply grind coffee, boil water, pour a bloom, then finish pouring the desired amount of water. One of the benefits of sock filters is that they are reusable, and you can get many cups before having to replace the filter. Yama Glass Sock Pots can be used for coffee or tea, and are great for travel or home. Check them out, or get more filters here.

Yama Glass Cone Drippers are possibly the most common type of pour over brewing method. A glass conical dripper, coupled with a pre-soaked paper filter, are placed on a stand or directly on the carafe. Cone drippers are designed to pull all of the water through the coffee grounds to a centralized point, resulting in a full, even extraction. Simple and easy to use at home or for commercial use, the Yama Glass Cone Dripper is a pour over essential. View our selection here.

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