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For over 80 years Fiorenzato has been providing coffee connoisseurs the secret ingredient to brewing the best-tasting cups from freshly ground beans: the coffee grinder. For years these Italian-made grinders have been known for their vanguard in design and technology providing consistency and reliability in every cup. Responsive touchscreen displays can be used to monitor coffee stats or quickly change grinding modes and dose times so baristas can trust that drinks are always stable and business owners can stay on top of maintenance needs. Burrs are produced in-house with a computerized numerical control machine yielding great results every time. Best of all the defining feature of a Fiorenzato grinder is its reputation for being very clean on the bar with little spray or messy waste. All in all these espresso grinders are intuitive, easy to learn on, and high-quality. Get the best cup of coffee with a Fiorenzato USA coffee grinder.



XGi grind-by-weight technology makes it easy to dial in a consistent and precise dose. The barista just has to specify how many grams of coffee they want via a one-time setting on the intuitive touchscreen. To keep calculations perfect, the technology uses a load cell located at the bottom of the grinder while the software records and processes the data. What sets this design apart from other grind-by-weight grinders is Fiorenzato’s advanced engineering - grinder weight is taken into account and doses are truly weighed out, eliminating vibrations and bumps that would otherwise throw off the weight. The load cell is the entire bottom of the grinder rather than at the forks. The result is a truly accurate dose every time.


The PRO Line features the newest technology offered by Fiorenzato and is undoubtedly one of the coolest innovations in coffee grinders. It allows the grinding chamber to be detached with the release of two levers - this makes cleaning really easy! It's also a better approach to accessing the burrs when you need to remove a foreign object or replace them. Most importantly, you DO NOT lose your settings by detaching the grinding chamber.


When you see a Fiorenzato with EVO technology, it means that it has a climate control system to control the heat coming off the motor. This helps to protect your coffee beans from overheating. 

E Displays

Behold, the touchscreen! Fiorenzato was an early contender when it came to the use of touchscreens on coffee equipment. Fun fact: the first iPhone was released in 2007, so Fiorenzatio’s mid-2000’s introduction of touchscreen E technology was ahead of its time!

IPS Displays

2022 Fiorenzato displays have been upgraded to a new touch screen and are very similar to an iPhone panel. Designed to be responsive and user-friendly, these 4.3 inch IPS displays are characterized as having the best color, sunlight legibility, and viewing angles. The interface is very intuitive and utilizes a scrolling menu for ease of operation. Baristas and owners have quick access to dose adjustments, daily and weekly consumption statistics, burr condition, and a few other handy pieces of information to improve workflow.

Thermostat-Controlled Cooling Fan

Say goodbye to flavor degradation with precise cooling activated at the right moments during grinding. Fiorenzato uses a sophisticated thermostat-controlled cooling fan for optimal bean temperature maintenance. Ensuring that your coffee beans remain at the perfect temperature throughout the grinding process. The cooling fan kicks in precisely when needed, preserving the delicate aromas and nuances of your freshly ground coffee. Found on the F71 AK PRO Manual Doser Espresso Grinders.


Fiorenzato uses flat burrs on most of their grinders because they believe that consistency is one of the most important attributes of a coffee grinder. Burrs are internally produced by a computerized numerical control machine for complete certainty that every burr is made to the highest standard and ensures high repeatability. Made of M340 steel, they're highly safe for food preparation, highly resistant to corrosion and wearing, super solid, and easily polishable for performance.

Red Speed Burrs

Red Speed technology is a titanium finish that keeps burrs stronger and sharper for longer. In most cases, these burrs can last four times longer! A standard burr gets about 400kg of use while Red Speed burrs can grind up to 1400kg of coffee (about 6-8 years). 

Dark-T Burrs

Dark-T burrs are an advanced iteration of M340 burrs, elevating grinding performance. Featuring a black coating blend of titanium, aluminum, carbon, and nitrogen, it ensures durability five times longer than standard burrs (laboratory-tested). These are the only burrs made with food-grade materials. Crafted in-house using precision CNC machines for top quality, they're highly resistant to corrosion, wear, and incredibly robust. These are currently stock on all PRO Model grinders and AllGrounds.


Sense technology, an advanced load cell system integrated into the AllGround Sense model. The built-in weighing scale in the fork ensures an ideal coffee amount in the portafilter consistently. Utilizing a floating cell with a patented protection and interface suppression system, this innovation guarantees reliable and precise results every time.


Specifically engineered for specialty coffees, this design minimizes coffee retention and remarkably diminishes waste. Boasting specially designed Dark-T burrs for filter extractions, the meticulously crafted geometry ensures an ideal grain size for impeccable pour-over extractions. Found in the AllGround ProBrew models.

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