Mazzer Mini Electronic Doser Chute

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At 140 mm tall, this part is slightly shorter that the version for the Super Jolly, and has a more narrow opening for the grounds as well. Replace your Mazzer Mini Electric chute for a new shiny one or replace your bulky doser and install this great unit instead. To make the full conversion you will also need the appropriate backing plate, and screen.

You may also want to replace the portafilter support fork - if you are using portafilters with spouts on them you will for sure. Bottomless portafilter users won't have to worry about it, but portafilters with spouts on them will stop short of being centered directly beneath the chute using the existing fork. If you have spouts on your portafilters, you will want to select MAZ_203.

Your existing Mazzer doser lid will fit perfectly.

This version is recommended for the Mazzer Mini. For the Super Jolly use  MAZ_266. For all other models, use MAZ_250.

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Manufacturer Mazzer
Size Short (10 cm)

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Jacques St-Pierre

It's like getting a new Mazzer grinder for a fraction of the price.