Mazzer Mini Backing Plate for Electronic Version

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Designed to fit the Mazzer Mini E, this backing plate is used to cover the motor opening left after removing the doser. 90 mm wide x 95 mm tall. To mount the backing plate/motor cover, position it correctly and center punch the screw positions. Then drill holes into the body of the grinder using a bit determined by the choice of screws to be used. The MAZ_0480 and MAZ_0485 M2 x 10 mm screws and washers are included (the washers are not necessary, and are being phased out, so may or may not be included).

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Manufacturer Mazzer

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Converted Mazzer mini to doserless. This plate seals the opening on the body normally blocked by the doser. For lack of the right size drill bit, I taped the plate onto the body. Since the fit is perfect this presents no problem.


The aluminum is very soft so it can be manipulated to fit the curve of the Mazzer body. Since there are no screw hole on the top of the plate I used some packing tape to seal the top edge to keep grounds out of the Mazzer interior. This plate is nice looking and assuming one is installing a doserless funnel, it makes the whole install look sharp.