Knockbox Combo Kit

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We've bundled so you can save! This new kit includes the High Volume Knock Box + EP Trash Can. The ingenious knockbox fits right over the top of our 23 Gallon Plastic Space Saver Trash Can and will allow you to knock out those grounds in massive quantities. Our Barista Basics Knockboxes were designed with quality and durability in mind. Unmatched by any other knockbox on the market, they are made with ultra strong ABS plastic and include a removable NBR rubber knock bar. The removable knock bar and sleek ABS design make these units easy to clean. Backed by the Espresso Parts Warranty and 365 Return Policy, these are built to last!

Overall dimensions: 20 1/4" L x 11 1/2W x 32" H (TALL)

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Manufacturer Espresso Parts

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Great product!

michael Perricone

Love it. Saves space and very sturdy

Owen Carver

I purchased this for my coffee roasting company for our warehouse next to our espresso machine. It's very quick and fast to use and means we don't have to change out the knockbox until we want to because the trashcan is very large. It's been really easy to use and clean. Because the knock bar is flat we do sometimes need to wipe it clean after a brewing session since grinds can more easily sit on the bar as opposed to a round bar. But that's very minor. It's worth it if you make a lot of espresso for sure




After years of putting up with a countertop knock box that needs constant emptying and clean-up, this new large combo kit is a dream! We have a large garbage bag inside of it to catch all the pucks; just can't let it get too full because they get quite heavy. Highly recommend!


We got this for one of our shops that was having counter space issues but had plenty of room below.