Espresso Parts Barista Basics 7" Large Steaming Thermometer

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This high quality steaming thermometer simplifies steaming by giving you the means to track the temperature of the milk. Train new baristas to find the perfect temperature, or use it to ensure consistent accuracy in your own drinks. This thermometer by Barista Basics is adjustable, and can be easily calibrated to ensure long term precision. Clips onto frothing pitchers for optimal control.



  • Range: -18° to 104°C (0° to 220°F)
  • Perfect for large pitchers
  • 17.8cm/7" Stem
  • 3.3cm/1.75" Dial
  • Target range indicator (60-77°C, 140-170°F)
  • Calibration tool on thermometer holder
  • NSF Approved
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Manufacturer Espresso Parts
Size Short (10 cm)

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