Slayer Single Steam and Water Valve


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Steam Wand O-ring - 03043
Espresso Parts Steam Wand O-ring - 03043F_467
Sale price$2.19
In stock
Copper Gasket for 1/2" Fittings
Espresso Parts Copper Gasket for 1/2" FittingsF_235
Sale price$1.95
In stock
Flat Plane Viton Gasket
Espresso Parts Flat Plane Viton GasketF_200
Sale price$2.28
In stock
One Way Retention Inlet Valve/Steam Valve Stem O-ring
Faema 'Due/E91/92'/Synesso Steam/water Valve - Complete
Faema/Slayer 27 mm PTFE Gasket
Espresso Parts Faema/Slayer 27 mm PTFE GasketF_993
Sale price$1.95
In stock
Steam/water Valve Closing Spring
Espresso Parts Steam/water Valve Closing SpringF_1044
Sale price$1.95
In stock
Faema 'Due/E-91/92' Steam Wand Spring
(SLKIT2) Slayer Side Mounted Steam Valve Rebuild Kit
Slayer Single Drain Cup Drain Nipple (Special Order Item)
Slayer Hot Water Aerator (Special Order Item)

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