Espresso Parts Presents TNTNW at Spotted Cow

Our November #TNTNW was held at Spotted Cow about twenty minutes out of Seattle. Spotted Cow is home to Maxwell Mooney who recently placed third in the NW region barista competition! He along with the wonderful crew have been elevating their local coffee scene and they’re doing an amazing job! Not only does Spotted Cow serve some pretty amazing espresso they also offer delicious gelato and ice cream which we all got to sample.

It was beautiful to see pretty much every coffee person come out for the event. We packed the house y’all, standing room only. It’s not hard to believe it but the 32 person bracket filled up in less than 10 minutes! This is the second time in a row that our bracket has filled up so quickly (the first was a month earlier in Portland during Coffee Fest) and we’re very sorry that we had to turn some folks away. As usual the latte art was top notch! The beer was flowing and the pizza was plentiful. After a couple of hours of war we had our top three!

Huge thanks to all of our amazing sponsors and everyone that showed up to support your fellow coffee professionals! See you in 2015.

1: Dustin Thomas Caffe Ladro
2: Brandon Paul Weaver Slate Coffee
3: Andrew Montoya Roaster at Spotted Cow

See you tonight at the final #TNTNW at Conduit Coffee!









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