Espresso Parts Presents #TNTNW at Christopher David Experience

Last month we had the absolute pleasure of presenting #TNTNW at The Christopher David Experience (CDX) in Portland’s iconic Pearl District. CDX is an amazing space. This place is a cafe rolled into a high end interior design store wrapped in a floral shop. It’s all kinds of awesome.

The TNT was the unofficial kickoff to Coffee Fest Portland. We were expecting a high turnout especially since this was the first time CF landed in Portland. Well, everyone came out to party! Our 32 person bracket usually fills in about 30 minutes but this time it was 6! We were bursting at the seams.

Not only were we bursting at the seams we were bursting with talent. Tons of baristas from overseas were in Portland to compete at the CF latte art championship. Yusuke Ota who won #TNTJP at Streamer Cofffee, our very good friends from the Barista Training Centre in Taipei, and Puerto Rico’s Latte Art Champion Abner Roldáno to name a few.

Obviously there were tons of amazing pours throughout the night! Plenty of beer was consumed and all the fun was had.

We love presenting these events and it wouldn’t be the same without our gracious hosts, terrific sponsors, and all of you out there! Thanks for making #TNTNW so awesome!

See you at Spotted Cow










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