TNTNW at Camber Coffee


Camber’s newly opened cafe in downtown Bellingham is nothing short of elegance. Last night we partnered with them to throw down using Oatly Milk. Baristas traveled from all over northern Washington to hang out, compete and win.

Before the Latte Art Throwdown began, the floor was open to anyone to compete to win a Bonavita Brewer by stacking Oatly milk cartons as tall as you can in 1 min. All of the proceeds from this competition went to the local food bank.


Local creamery’s and breweries donated Cheese and beer to snack during the event. Our judges included representatives from Oatly, Synesso and Espresso Parts.

Shout out to our winners for the evening and thanks to everyone who came out!

3rd place goes to Wayra from Primer Coffee and the Iron Rooster. 2nd Place goes to Kevin from Camber Coffee. 1st Place goes to Mitchell Steed from Camber Coffee.


Thanks again for a wonderful TNTNW 2017. Keep rock’n that latte art.