Espresso Parts Presents #TNTNW @ Anthem Coffee & Tea

Espresso Parts brought #TNTNW to the small town of Puyallup and it went off in a big way. Puyallup is a 40 minute drive south of Seattle and known more for the state fair than being a coffee destination. Anthem Coffee & Tea is here to change that! Their cafe is large (they recently expanded) and yet cozy at the same time. They do PNW hipness real well; lots of reclaimed wood, old hand painted signs, and warm fireplace. They even have a phone booth in the cafe that customers can use as a quiet space or to make personal calls without annoying their fellow cafe goers. They also serve some awesome craft coffees and tasty food!

The cafe is large but we had no problem filling it up! Normally the competitor to attendee ratio is pretty even but we were happily surprised to see that a good number of folks that showed up were there to cheer on their favorite barista or see what the coffee community was up to. The surprise match-up of the night was U.S. Barista Champ Laila Ghambari Vs. Guatemala National Champ Teco Echeverria, Laila made it to the next round! Panda even got in on the fun and poured what some would call latte art!

Winner winner chicken dinner:

1) Kyle Dols Sound Coffee & Morsel
2) Tiff Winters
3) Cristian Frostof Girón AKA Frosty

Huge thanks to Anthem Coffee & Tea for hosting and being so awesome. Dillanos get’s a shout out too for making the event poster, donating the espresso, aaaand helping to make the event run smoothly. If you’d like to see the pours from the night head to Dillanos’ Twitter account. They photographed every pour from the night!

The winners went home with an array of awesome prizes from our amazing sponsors: Espresso Parts,Barista Magazine, Baratza, Craft Coffee, Cuppow, Rip Van Wafels, and Imbibe Magazine!

See you at Christopher David Experience for Coffee Fest kick off throwdown 10/16!

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