Build #53 & #54


Jubala Coffee‘s  southern hospitality continues to grow as they open another location on Hillsborough St. in Raleigh, NC. Andrew Cash, owner of Jubala, designed his cafes to be a place where the community can relax and connect. Having grown up in North Raleigh across the street from Jubala’s first location, he knows how to serve the city best. We were pumped that Andrew and Counter Culture Coffee decided to work with EP’s Custom Shop on their new buildout. These machines turned out stunning and will be the perfect compliment to Jubala‘s welcoming vibe.

blue machine

Jubala’s new cafe concept is based around serving two sets of customers, those that take their coffee to go and those that stay to hang out. The conversation began almost a year ago at SCAA’s conference in April between Andrew, Dave (EP’s Customization & Design Manager) and Counter Culture. Andrew then partnered with New Kind to finish the cafe design. Each espresso machine was picked and customized to serve one of the two customers.


This custom design includes one La Marzocco Linea PB 3 Group machine custom yellow powder coat, matte white and black with polished stainless and chrome accents. Finished with herringbone grip engraved walnut portafilter handles.

EPCS Jubala Yellow-03 for web




The project also includes La Marzocco Strada EE 2 Group machine with custom blue powder coat, gloss blue and matte black finished accents. Finished with herringbone grip engraved walnut portafilter handles.




If you are interested in getting a custom machine for your cafe, go to or email to get a conversation going.