The Big Eastern Regional Coffee Competition kicked off yesterday morning in Durham NC. There are two competitions that take place during BERCC; The Brewers Cup & Barista Championship. Baristas from the NE & SE have all gathered to prove their skills and take the top spot in their region. Espresso Parts is proud to be one of the many sponsors that keep these competitions going.

The venue for this weekend’s event is The Cotton Room in the heart of Durham. This space is pretty much amazing with all the natural light and exposed brick wall. The openness of the venue really encouraged the crowd to mingle and added to the communal feel of the event. Our hosts Counter Culture Coffee and Dallis Bros. Coffee have done a fantastic job!

The awesome folks at Bunn & Curtis are doing a great job at keeping attendees caffeinated! If espresso is more you’re thing you can grab a ‘spro from the BGA’s fourth bar. Downstairs from the competition Carrboro Coffee had an excellent pop up case that was open to the public. Not only can you get free drinks but you can also step behind the bar to prepare your own drinks under the guidance of professional baristas. Did we mention that the drinks are served in Espresso Parts porcelain?

Day one was a huge success! If we had to pick a favorite performance it has to be Jonathan Liu of Gimme! Coffee. His signature beverage was espresso prepared into custom cherry wood vessels. He charred the rim of the vessels too to add a smoky aspect to the beverage. There’s a party bus going to Joule Coffee with our name on it so it’s time for us to go. Be sure to check in tomorrow for another update!



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