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Victoria Arduino Athena Classic Leva Espresso Machine

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Color: Chrome

This item is available to be customized by our world renowned custom shop team. If you can dream it, we can make it happen. To get started customizing schedule a consult with one of our build experts or shoot us an inquiry at

Equipment orders undergo thorough bench testing prior to departure and typically ship within 10-15 business days unless otherwise noted. Please note that the 3 group is a special order item and will ship within 6-8 weeks.

The ancient art of coffee still lives in the Athena Leva, the espresso machine so beloved by espresso professionals. Its lever delivery system ensures a high level of customization of the drink, but at the same time requires a high level of competence on the part of the barista. Perfect for specialty coffee shops, medium volume locations, and demanding barista professionals.

Athena Leva Features

The Athena Leva, which uses heat exchangers (even though it is a lever machine), features water temperature that can be controlled to optimize the quality of extracted coffee. In this case, for an excellent pre-infusion, a special pressure reducer reduces the pressure of the water supply, which is normally 4 to 6 bar, while the Athena has a pressure of 1 to 1.2 bar. With these specifications, coffee extractions with the Athena Leva are particularly creamy and not burnt (as may happen with water at high temperatures).

  • Manual dosing with a single button that begins and ends the brewing process, making this a very traditional machine.
  • Cool touch steam wands are thermally insulated for a safe and easy way to clean.
  • Surface LEDs were strategically positioned around the machine to ensure the barista can always see what they are doing. 
  • Reverse mirror so that the barista can watch the filter output without bending down.
  • Bar pump gauge makes it easier to check pressure profiles.


We've included the Gold Service Plan with these machines: a $1,115 - $1,350 dollar value,

Optional Add On's

Pod Adaptor Kit: For easy coffee production. 

Please contact us to learn more about this option and pricing.

About The Brand

Victoria Arduino espresso machines were born at a time when the world was experiencing cultural, social, and industrial transformation. Pier Teresio Arduino was a retail clerk and he saw the need for espresso coffee machines. He was quickly inspired by the steam from locomotives during his military service and in 1905 he carefully designed a boiler that helped to revolutionize how espresso was extracted. Victoria Arduino coffee machines have always had a very special place in the market and are known for their elegance, speed and providing a tool for baristas around the world to create art.

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