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  • Melissa Myer CEO/Owner I possess the super power of foresight, which I use to advise and guide those fighting the Espresso Parts Matrix. Oracle by day. Devoted wife and protective Mama-Bear by night. A delicious farm-to-table meal, craft beer, nature walks, rough housing, story telling, singing and lots of family snuggle time. It's the Myer way. Authenticity. We've cultivated a genuine family vibe here at EP and it shows in the work we do. AND we are carbon neutral!!! #eplife #eptribe
  • Matt Myer COO/Owner I posses the ability to read between the lines, ride dragons and the power to move you! Mild tempered bicycle commuter, husband and father Building forts, riding dragons, good night moon and all that makes life so great! We create an authentic experience and truly appreciate all that makes us different! Plus we impact the world in great ways every day!
  • Alex Hass Warehouse Operations My superpower is being the next one worthy to hold Mjölnir, What this means to EP: we shall find out. se·cret
    adjective \ˈsē-krət\
    : kept hidden from others : known to only a few people
    : keeping information hidden from others
    On a typical Saturday night I am at home, drinking Margaritas and twerking to Pitbull videos. I enjoy working with the best gang of misfits you could ever imagine.
  • Carllee Curran Customer Support I'm a Fixer. I fix things with my laughter. I turn problems into positives. My laugh warms situations when they need to be warmed, and cools them when they need to be cooled. It is the good-feelings-providing mutation that helps everybody through the day. I'm just Carllee. And B613 definitely isn't real. Hanging out with my dog Lady, goldfish Tammy Faye, and foster bunny Tamo, making sick gains at the gym, reading, knitting, or watching endless documentaries on Netflix. #epwildlife My co-workers, I love those weirdos. They make everything fun and I even miss them on the weekends.
  • Ryan Wolfrum Customer Support | Parts Specialist Easy. Mind reading. How much faster would I be? A minor in lightning speed wouldn't hurt either. The life of the party. Dark. Unless it's a full moon. Then there's a little light. Staring through the bars at the nerdery. Don't get too close though.. STAY TO THE RIGHT!
  • Chris McKinney IT & Website Specialist Your average Matrix bending superhero. Coding Ninja. That is all. Mild mannered husband, kitchen creative, musician and all around great guy! Jamming out on the piano, guitar, or vocs with my favorite band. There's nothing traditional about EP and that's what makes it so great. We're a bunch of crazy people that think happy customers, industry leading products, responsible company practices and rockstar team members is where its at!
  • Daniel Nettleton eCommerce Manager My superpower is that I'm somewhat of a "computer whisperer." That is, I talk to them softly and water them regularly. It helps them grow. I can't tell you that. But my secret identity's secret identity is The Stig's Washingtonian Cousin. You'll typically find me drinking some coffee and reading up on some boring computer-type things while watching a rally. It's tied among the people, the culture, the great coffee or the fact that Jimmy John's is able to deliver here. So, in short, everything!
  • Devon Woollett Purchasing Manager | Parts Jedi The power to remember stuff good? Is that a super power? Typical dad mowing the lawn for fun. Have you ever seen the Tournament of Kings at the Excalibur in Las Vegas? Pretty much like that, but with kids instead of knights. And some cartoons... Learning and dolling out what research, experience and just plain time have provided.
  • David White Graphic Design/Pixel Pusher I have the power to push light, color, pixels, and even ink all across the universe with the swipe of a mouse. not sure I have one Home cooking or a night out, always paired with great drink. The EP crew and hangin' in the nerdery
  • David Ringwood Equipment Customization & Design My super power is my ability to collaborate and adapt. 'Mazing Man, because of my amazing powers of amazement. Hanging out with my family, eating roasted turducken, sipping Courvoisier, watching The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross. You know, normal stuff. Being able to help a customer turn a vision or concept into a functional work of art.
  • Heather Ringwood Customer Support | Business Development Magic fairy dust... that I sprinkle on customers, co-workers to make them happy, laugh and enjoy every moment... I save some for myself, too. Coffee nerd by day, dog trainer by night. Sipping, Whitewood cider. Ball throwing for the pups. Bed by 10. I'm old. EP puts the RAD in comradery... plus we get 'ish done!
  • Rikki Berg AP & AR Specialist My super powers include super sonic A/R reports, blazing fireballs of vendor payments, and most importantly, the chattiest chica on the block! My secret identity is a secret... Correct answer? Right? :) Mauahaha! I like to spend my typical Saturdays enjoying the imbibe culture! I cannot pick one thing I enjoy most. There isn't anywhere better to be. It's all about the #EPLIFE.
  • Michael "Panda" Fernandez Social Media & Community Coordinator I can connect my brain up to the internet. It's pretty much the Matrix up there all day. Burrito Man! I wrap up in a blanket and watch The IT Crowd all the day. I'm usually in bed by 9pm. I get up early on Saturday mornings to feed the pigeons at the park. The pigeons tell me secrets in return for bread. It's really the only place I've worked that I feel like a family member. We love each other.
  • Van Stevens Customer Support Can't be knocked down. Magic kitten balance ability: Phone; Chat; Email; Co-worker shenanigans; Never falls off yoga ball chair(once); Fly short spans. Steely Van Fire: Warm. Peaceful. Out of control. If you are reading this, then it is more likely than not that what I enjoy about my job most... is YOU!
  • Travis McCullough Warehouse Operations I'm your typical super-hero. I am a mild mannered employee during the day and a super solitaire Nerf football player at night. Waffle Rat. (its hard to explain) Taking care of my two boys, staying up late to be with them, and watching John Wayne. The people here rule. There is not a person I work with I could say I don't like. Everyone is unique and friendly.
  • Kalen Olinger Warehouse & Facilities Manager If I were to picture myself as a super hero that works at EP my super powers would be my infectious positivity and super multiplication skills. POSITIVE PETER A typical Saturday night for me is a couple loads of laundry and some episodes of Real Housewives of Orange County. I enjoy the fun family atmosphere. Its absolutely fantastic!!
  • Erin Griffin Purchasing | Warehouse Operations I am the TASK NINJA! Put me on a task and I will kill it everyday, no questions asked! I may look like your typical supermom/task ninja, but secretly I work for the government as international spy/assassain with a black belt in the art of Wushu. Chuck Norris has got nothing on this! My typical Saturday is spent with my family, ushering my kids from sports to dance and supporting them in their day to day activities. I love the environment here at EP. Its obvious that we love what we do and appreciate each and every one of our customers. Our EP team has the perfect blend of personalities that make for one heck of a holiday party! #EPLife
  • Shawn Goldenberger Customer Support & Business Development The ability to spout random/semi-useful stuff from the clock tower at 88 mph of course. Lashawnduh. LOL. If I told you it wouldn't very well be a secret. In the summer, you can find me camping down by the river sleeping in a hammock or out sailing on the puget sound. In the winter, I can be found at home watching some trash tv dreaming being outside and planing the next adventure. The sense of family atmosphere. And those great guys in IT, they really know how to party. #EPLife




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