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Espresso Parts Team Members

Espresso Parts LLC located in Lacey, Washington


In 1993, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men and women promptly escaped from a maximum-security stockade to the Olympia underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as baristas and coffee geeks of fortune. If you have a problem... if no one else can help... and if you can find them... maybe you can hire... The Espresso Parts Team!

Melissa Myer

(800) 459-5594
melissa@espressoparts[REMOVE - THIS].com

Super Power: I possess the super power of foresight, which I use to advise and guide those fighting the Espresso Parts Matrix.

Secret Identity: Oracle by day. Devoted wife and protective Mama-Bear by night.

Super Power: Authenticity. We've cultivated a genuine family vibe here at EP and it shows in the work we do. AND we are carbon neutral!!! #eplife #eptribe

Matt Myer

(800) 459-5594
matt@espressoparts[REMOVE - THIS].com

Matt's primary responsibility is operations. His favorite thing about working at EP is that we can all be authentic, have fun, and still provide an amazing experience for our customers

Right now Matt has a crush on pulling doppios from the Linea... in his spare time you'll find Matt foraging his next meal in the wild, tending his chickens, and spending quality time with his wife Melissa and baby girl Wyllis.

Heather Ringwood
Business Development & Customer Support

(800) 459-5594
heather@espressoparts[REMOVE - THIS].com

I want to enhance our customers experience in all things Espresso Parts. My title says Business Development and Customer Support but I am happy to do whatever needs to be done around EP!

What's your favorite coffee drink?:
A really well made cappuccino can make a grey day bright again. And I could really go for one today.

What do you do for fun?:
(Beside work @EP) dog stuff... to boil it down I train and compete in dog agility... you know - that obstacle course you see dogs run on tv - yup that's what I do with my two staffy bulls, Rowan and Newton.

What do you want to be when you grow up?:
Who wants to grow up?? I'm gunna hold on to all this fun as long as possible!

Rikki Berg
Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable

(800) 459-5594
rikki@espressoparts[REMOVE - THIS].com

Rikki is the newest addition to our EP family. With a little bit of barista background, this accountant will be slinging up fine shots of spro in no time! Not to mention, she's got mad skillz with Excel spreadsheets!

She thinks the best thing about Espresso Parts is the lab! She has anything she could ask for in a lunch room. Food, more food, and espresso shots for days!

In her spare time, she enjoys photography, long walks to the grocery store, and of course, rough-housing with her handsome miniature dachshund, Kado! She is slightly OCD in organization and neatness, but what else could you ask for from an accountant?

We can tell her future here with EP will be long-lived! If we don't scare her away with our crazy-funky-groovy-ness, that is :)

Shawn Goldenberger
Customer Support & Amazon Account Manager

(800) 459-5594
shawn@espressoparts[REMOVE - THIS].com

We happily welcome Shawn back for his second stint with EP. Shawn's complete bio will be coming soon.

Kalen Olinger
Warehouse Operations Specialist

(800) 459-5594
kalen@espressoparts[REMOVE - THIS].com

Kalen is a well respected International Man of Mystery and Warehouseman.

His favorite thing about EP is: "The great team of people that make it fun to come to work ever day."

His favorite product: "The Mini Scrubbies the assortment of colors is fantastic and the fact that they are safe to use on: Anodized & non stick pans, glass stove tops & kitchen appliances is a definite plus."

When not at EP Kalen enjoys a 32 oz Macchiato, getting haircuts, walking his cat, and anything to do with knitting.

Erin Griffin
Sales & Accounts Receivable

(800) 459-5594
erin@espressoparts[REMOVE - THIS].com

I'm a Customer Service Rep with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Wholesale/Resellers Customer Accounts Rep.

What I like most about EP is the people! I am so grateful to be surrounded by these amazing people that I can call coworkers as well as friends. We are all so different but come together in so many ways. So much creativity, knowledge and expertise always keeps things new and exciting. Our company's mission and core values are what keep us going and inspire each of us to be the best that we can be for ourselves, our customers and this industry. Proud to be a part of it!

I like everything that is created by us! EP gear all the way. Oh and my Pink Sparkle Powder Puff tamp, duh. I have been asking for this tamp since I started working here back in 2007 and finally someone listened! Thank you M & M!

Besides working at EP, I absolutely love being a mom to my 3 kids. Baby Griffin, Ken Ben & Fishlips. You three are my everything. My best work... I am having so much fun watching my kids grow and change each and every day. Such a privilege that I get to be their mom. I also love all things sparkly and pretty.

When I grow up I hope that whatever I end up doing I am pushing myself to the best person that I can be. To keep always doing things that inspire myself and others. To kick ass and take names cause I came to play!

Daniel Nettleton
eCommerce Manager

(800) 459-5594
daniel@espressoparts[REMOVE - THIS].com

On the rare occasion that Daniel isn't brewing some coffee, he is likely keeping our website and computer systems running. His background is in web development and computer network engineering, but drinking coffee seems to be his specialty.

In his spare time, he likes playing the drums and guitar, instagramming cups of coffee, trips to Portland, and writing about himself in the third person. He also likes to collect Field Notes, mugs, and really good music.

His favorite product is currently the Jennings CJ4000, because he likes a scale that "just works." He has a pretty extensive wish list, however, and is also looking for a vintage machine that he can customize in the EP Custom Shop.

Michael "Panda" Fernandez
Customer Service & Events Coordinator

(800) 459-5594
panda@espressoparts[REMOVE - THIS].com
Panda's blog: thoughtsofclouds

I'm a Customer Service Representative and Event Coordinator here at EP. I've been organizing #TNTNW events for about two years now and it's been a great experience. #TNTNW is a monthly event that puts local Baristas head to head in various coffee competitions. They're great chances for Baristas to share knowledge, hone their skills, and feel a sense of community.

When I'm not at work I'm riding my bike or going on adventures with my Corgi Bebob. CHEMEX 4 LYFE


Devon Woollett
Purchasing & Inventory Manager/Jedi

(800) 459-5594
devon@espressoparts[REMOVE - THIS].com

I'm the guy that buys stuff.

What I like most about EP is that we are all a little bit... off...

I enjoy long walks on the beach, contemplate my innermost emotions, whilst reading Tolkien and eating vanilla ice cream.

When I grow up, I want to become a deep space miner.

Alex Hass
Warehouse Operations Specialist

alex@espressoparts[REMOVE - THIS].com

Alex is one of the back of the house guys! Doing what needs to be done behind the scenes!

His favorite thing about EP is the co-workers. They are all really weird, really nice, and really kind. He couldn't ask for better co-workers, better bosses or a better place to work. That being said, he really loves coffee so being surrounded by it all day makes him a very (wired) happy guy.

Alex's first love is DJ'ing and music, so as you can imagine he spends a lot of time listening to music and making music. Along with his friends and girlfriend Alex loves to get into lots of crazy adventures! In addition, he been spending this competition season traveling around with the SCAA helping them put on the regional competitions! Go Alex!!

David White
Pixel Master - The Art Department

(800) 459-5594
davew@espressoparts[REMOVE - THIS].com
Old Time Cider
@ Flickr

Dave is a born and raised native 3rd generation Washingtonian raised on the mean streets of Seattle, Ballard to be exact. Now residing in Olympia where he has been working for Espresso Parts for 10+ years.

A victim of Seattle's dot.com explosion/implosion in the early 2000's, Dave settled down in Olympia where he previously attended The Evergreen State College and now acts as the creative director, art department and chief pixel pusher for Espresso Parts.

When he is not at work pushing pixels he spends his spare time hangin' with his coffee lady, playing fetch with a ball obsessed dog, dreaming of orchards, pickin' apples, pressing them and fermenting/drinking traditional craft ciders. Dave also maintains a blog about traditional style North American craft ciders and is a founding board member of the Northwest Cider Association.

David Ringwood
Equipment Customization & Design

(800) 459-5594
daver@espressoparts[REMOVE - THIS].com

I am head of Equipment Customization, Restoration and Design.

I love living and working in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. My favorite product is usually whatever custom job I'm currently working on.

What I enjoy most, is spending time with my family, fishing, epic nature walks, gardening, wrenching on motorcycles and other random things.

When I grow up I want to be a professional urban explorer.

Van Stevens
Customer Service

(800) 459-5594
vans@espressoparts[REMOVE - THIS].com

Local Emergency Clean-up - Espresso Parts National Guard.

I love working at Espresso Parts for the folks, the fun and the vibrancy! My favorite product is the water inlet/vibratory pump filter screen (SKU: W_378). Not in itself, but in that Espresso Parts discovered that it can be put to use as a flow restrictor in the Hario Buono V60 Kettle - EP ingenuity. Also, everything that I have seen come through the Mod Shop of Dave Ringwood puts the gaze of Awe on my face!

I like coffee, cookies, guitars, surfing, running, and the wild birds of the Puget Sound region!