notNeutral Vero Cortado Glass, 4.25oz - Smoke

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notNeutral Vero Cortado Glass, 4.25 oz,  Smoke

The VERO cortado glass is the newest piece in notNeutral's glassware collection.

Designed to be the ideal vessel for a cortado, it's not bad if you like your favorite whiskey neat, either. Usually served in a traditional rocks glass, a cortado is slightly larger in volume than a macchiato, and smaller than a cappuccino. Our take on the cortado glass has exaggerated facets for a more modern appearance, as well as technical improvements for specialty coffee. notNeutral addressed the challenge of pouring latte art in a traditional rocks glass by modeling the interior curve of the cup after their LINO cappuccino cup.

A cortado is a beverage consisting of espresso mixed with a roughly equal amount of warm milk to reduce the acidity. The milk in a cortado is steamed, but not frothy and "texturized" as in many Italian coffee drinks.

Given the nature of the manufacturing process, small bubbles may sometimes occur during production. Any bubbles under 2 mm are considered normal and will not affect the use and quality of this product.

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