Kalita Tsubame 155 Kit

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Tsubame is a city in the Niigata Prefecture, in the Hokuriku region of Japan. The Niigata Prefecture is known for their advanced metal processing technology, and Tsubame is right at the heart of it all, setting the strict quality standards. Tsubame has crafted these special Kalita Wave 155 Drippers from stainless steel to create a beautiful and masterfully engineered brewing experience. Also available in Tsubame Copper.

  • About 250ml capacity
  • Height 82mm/3.2 in

Kalita Wave 155 Filters are made of high quality paper, with both material and shape designed to pull impurities out of the coffee and leave you with a pure, delicious cup of coffee.

  • Sold in packages of 100, for use with Kalita Wave 155 Drippers.

The Kalita Glass Server is a beautiful coffee or tea server made from straight-sided, heat-resistant, tempered glass. Keep it warm on the stove or set it on the table to serve immediately. Each server comes with a molded plastic lid to keep the coffee hotter, longer. Kalita Glass Servers are durable and dishwasher safe.
Works perfectly with Kalita Wave 155 Drippers.

  • 300ml capacity
  • Height 96mm/3.8in
  • Heat-resistant glass
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