Espresso Parts Diner Mug Finish in Creamy White - Limited Edition Jolly Roger Logo

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Limited edition Jolly Roger Diner Mugs! Stock up before they're gone for good. 

This diner coffee mug is a high-quality porcelain mug that has been manufactured to our exact specifications by one of the best porcelain manufacturers in the world. Espresso Parts has taken great efforts to ensure that these cups meet the quality, durability and aesthetic demands of cafes, coffee houses, and espresso bars. These porcelain diner mugs are Microwave Safe The finish on these diner mugs is amazing and surpasses anything we ever imported from Europe. Espresso Parts is pleased to offer you these awesome cups, which will last in the rough and tumble environments found in diners, cafes and espresso bars. Be assured that we wouldn't put our Espresso Parts name on them if they were not the best option available. The quality of these diner mugs won't disappoint. Great for commercial or home use.

  • On average, these mugs hold 10 volumetric oz (305ml) when filled to the brim
  • This mug is designed for an 8 to 10 oz beverage
  • These porcelain diner mugs are Microwave Safe
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Manufacturer Espresso Parts
Size Short (10 cm)

4.75 Average

4 Reviews

Jennifer Diggs

This is a really charming mug. Love the diner feel and the pirate logo.

Yutaka Kinoshita

I really like this mug and EP skull logo! I hope EP will make the new version of EP skull latte bawl.

Eric Reese

Best coffee mugsā€¦ever


I really like their logo. The mug is high quality and will stand up to heavy use. However, I wish it were lighter with a thinner wall and lip.