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Yama Glass makes a variety of pour over brew methods each with its own strengths. The following brew methods follow the same format and are all built for a single serving of coffee. We used a 1:16 ratio here, but follow what your coffee roaster recommends, or experiment and find what you like!

How to brew a Yama Glass Pour Over

  1. Pre-wet filter with hot water
  2. Grind desired amount of coffee. We used 20 grams for each method below with a ratio of 1 gram of coffee for every 16 grams of water.
  3. Place brewing equipment on a scale and zero (tare) the scale.
  4. Begin timer and saturate coffee grounds with about 40 grams of water.
  5. Wait around 30 seconds for coffee to bloom, which is the process of the coffee releasing CO2 gasses when contacted with water.
  6. Slowly pour in additional water in a circular motion until the scale reaches 320 grams total of water, if using 20 grams of coffee.
  7. Enjoy some deliciously brewed coffee!

Difference between Yama Glass Pour Overs

Sock Pot

The cotton semi-thick flannel-like filter is reusable as well as replaceable. This type of filter captures all coffee sediments leaving a very clean coffee with a tea like body.

Copper Dripper

This brewer is designed with an inline 3-hole drip similar to a Bee House. Using a paper filter keeps the coffee clean and offers slightly more body compared to the Sock Pot. It also allows for an easy clean up since you can just toss the filter and grounds. As you brew, your pouring motion should be more inline with the brewer, so back in forth rather in circles.

Hermiston Pot

The Yama Hermiston has a reusable stainless steel double layer filter. The filter is comprised of a very thin, mesh-like layer and a thicker layer with small round holes. The Hermiston pot allows for more oils and sediments to fall through the filter. Although it is still a pour over, it has a thicker body. We recommend adjusting your grind size slightly smaller compared to the pour overs above so that water flows slower.


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