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3 features to include in your espresso cart plumbing

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  1. Check Valves:

    Check valves are a great addition to your setup because they keep your water supply lines pressurized. One of the most detrimental things for an espresso machine pump is to be run dry. If every day when you’re unhooking your water tank and swapping it out while the water that was in the line is now all over the floor, you need a check valve! Check valves in the system will also help keep your pump from being overworked, and air pockets from building up in your equipment.

  2. Shut-Offs:

    So, if check valves are so great, why all the shut-offs? Have you ever had an issue with a leak? A machine that wasn’t working is a royal pain, and if you need to take it off the counter for repair, or simply decommission it for the day until after your rush, a shut off valve is great. Being able to take down your leaking hot water tower without impacting your rinser or espresso machine is a life saver. Needing to pull a machine for a preventative maintenance service? It couldn’t be easier than just shutting off the water supply, unhooking the water and power, and you’re on the way!

  3. Accumulator Tanks:

    What about those accumulator tanks? Accumulator tanks are an often overlooked piece of a cart build out. Under normal use, a Shurflo pump will fill the water supply lines with about 45psi before it shuts off. When you open a water outlet and drop the pressure (usually about 20psi) the pump will kick back on and run at about 40psi. When there is a accumulator tank installed in line, that tank will hold extra water in line and will cause the pump to cycle less. The added benefit of an accumulator is your equipment will not be subjected to the same pressure drop and spike as it would be being supplied by just the pump.


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