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Rancilio Silvia Old Version Steam Wand

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SKU# R_1054

Manufacturer: Rancilio

Quick Overview

Rancilio Silvia Old Version Steam Wand
Product description

For Rancilio users, may we recommend upgrading to the new version valve assembly? It is a semi-challenging remove and replace procedure, but the parts for the old version are slowly being phased out anyway, so...

Steam wand replacement for old Rancilio Silvia espresso machines. May require two o-rings that are not included.

Although we are aware of people using the Rancilio Silvia steam wand (our item R_1054) for retro-fitting the wand in the Gaggia units, working primarily with commercial cafe equipment, it's not something we have any experience with, and so cannot make any technical recommendations on this retro-fit.


Rancilio #10049046.

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Simple retrofit for Gaggia Classic Review by Dan
Item Rating

Like many here, I replaced the pannerello on our Gaggia Classic with this Rancilio wand. Took only five minutes to replace. Much better for lattes and cappuccinos!

(Posted on 11/27/2016)

great retrofit Review by Charles

I also changed out this wand on my Gaggia Classic, it takes all of five minutes as i've done it on another Gaggia. This wand works great as a replacement and easy to create great micro foam for a latte or cappuccino

(Posted on 10/8/2016)

Awesome Review by Brenda J.

I replaced the steam wand on my Gaggia Classic with this steam wand. It was easy to install and worked perfectly the first time. I mostly make lattes so I want lots of steamed milk with just a little foam - no problem. I received my order quickly; thanks for that!

(Posted on 9/6/2016)

Great addition to my Gaggia Espresso Review by Stephan H

I have the discontinued Gaggia Espresso model and I purchased the Silva steam wand to replace the one that came with the machine. The replacement job is slightly more difficult for this model than for the Classic since the fitting between the steam wand and the steam pipe does not extend down far enough to be accessible from outside of the housing. I had to remove the top and the fitting to the steam valve to allow the steam wand fitting to drop down for removal. It is not complicated. The new wand is a big improvement!

(Posted on 8/9/2016)

perfect for Gaggia Review by jan

I ordered this for a Gaggia Classic. Easy install and works perfectly and makes much better steamed milk. I'm happy you carry the old wand.

(Posted on 6/28/2016)

Installed on my Gaggia Classic in under 5 mins Review by Ethan

The only tricky piece of the install was taking the nut off of the original Gaggia. You have to bend it just a tiny bit in order for it to easily slide off. I didn't use any tools, just my hands and bent it so little you can't even visually see it is any different. Honestly when I did attempt to bend it, I didn't think it had moved, but it was just enough to slide the nut off the original. So much better of an option than the gimmick plastic foamer thingy that came on the Gaggia Classic.

(Posted on 6/22/2016)

Just bought Review by Daniel

Just bought this steam wand for my Gaggia Classic. I've read and heard from so many different sources that this is a must do upgrade when it comes to the Gaggia Classics. I'm very excited for it, and will be installing it as soon as it arrives.

(Posted on 6/15/2016)

Excellent Customer Service Review by MG

This upgrade is a must for any Gaggia Classic owner. Easier to install that you would think and it will take your Classic to a different category.

(Posted on 5/6/2016)

So much better than panarello wand Review by Kevin

I bought this to replace the panarello wand that comes stock on the Gaggia Classic. Mine came with a metal wand, but I also had a plastic tipped wand that I played around with, neither were very good. It took about 5 minutes to install, very easy to do. The hardest part is getting the rubber booty off to slide the Gaggia nut on. The Classic does not have a huge boiler and can't steam like some more expensive machines but this upgrade really is a must. I don't get perfect microfoam every time but i think that is a user issue. If you have a gaggia machine there's no reason not to put this on

(Posted on 4/27/2016)

Gaggia Baby Class - easy install! Review by Matt

Installed this on a Gaggia Baby Class and it worked like a charm. Thank you for carrying parts at a great price! When it comes time to sell my machine, this wand increased the value.

(Posted on 1/29/2016)