Rancilio Silvia Group Head Gasket

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A softer version of the commercial gasket, also fits the 'Audrey' and 'Nancy' home models, direct from Rancilio. 74 x 57 x 8 mm.

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SKU R_1007
Manufacturer Rancilio
Size Short (10 cm)

4.64 Average

11 Reviews

mohammed Ahmed

Works great and price is cheap. Will definitely but more for the the future

Mark Cwetna

I always buy the OEM part from Rancilio.

Allen Schroeder

Excellent customer service and very fast shipping plus the part fits perfectly!!

jeffrey f. belmonti

Great quality product and great service!


I waited almost too long to do this, water started to drip on the sides already and it was a bit hard to remove the old one. The new one works as... well... as new!


I have a very old Silvia and this was the first replacement grouphead gasket (from espresso parts). It fit and worked perfectly. Shipping was faster than expected. Great experience overall.

Marco S

My original gasket lasted 9 years nine years before I replaced it. It had been leaking for a whicl and was so hard at that point I needed a Dremel tool to get it all out. This time the gasket was only 3 years old. I replaced it just because -- the old gasket wasn't leaking but the portafilter needed more twisting to seal than I thought was correct. The gasket was pliable enough that I could hook it to get it out without having to break out the Dremel. You don't realize how much the gasket compresses until the first time you attach the portafilter after replacement.

Randy S

Similar to the other reviewer, I have used my original model Ms. Silvia daily for 15 years. I finally decided to replace the gasket when she was leaking water around the portafilter during brewing. Removing the old gasket took some effort and it came out in pieces. The new gasket fits in easily and now my portafilter handle feels so smooth as it is inserted and turned to lock it in place. With the old hard gasket, the handle stopped abruptly as it was twisted in to get ready for brewing. But with the new gasket, the handle turns easily as it compresses the coffee when you lock the handle in place. Of course, it is no longer leaking either. Next time I will buy a couple gaskets and plan to replace this every 2 years or sooner if the portafilter handle does not feel smooth as it is locked into place for brewing.


Excellent product. I replace it every year on my Silvia. Do not buy the after market gasket since it doesn't fit and the rubber is harder than the original Rancilio manufacture.


I have been using my Silvia daily for the past 15 years. The old gasket lost its flexibility to the point where it would not allow to turn in the portafilter and would not stay in place. Delivery was timely and the new gasket was simply easy to installed and has an excellent fit.