Slayer Steam LPx Espresso Machine

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Color: Bone Beige
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The Slayer Steam LPx is a version of Steam LP with a different set of aesthetic options, adding engineered-wood actuator handles, a polished chrome frame, and your choice of 4 body colors: Matte Black, Gloss White, Turquoise Blue, and Bone Beige.
PRO TIP: Water quality is very important on a Slayer Espresso Machine and you will void your warranty without it. Please contact us for water filter recommendations.


  • Paddle Actuators: 2 volumetric settings per group.
  • Pre-Infusion: 1-10 seconds. The internal regulator allows for 1-3 bars of pressure for a soft pre-infusion. Dynamically change the flavor and allow for a much finer grind.
  • Quick Calibration-With one button press you enter manual mode. Once you achieve the desired taste, simply press again to record and playback.
  • Shot timers, brew temperatures, show volume in grams, shot counters, quick clean, and full clean.
  • Hot water dose (2 presets).
  • Brown Duratex actuators, cup rail, and PF handles.
  • Chrome wings.
  • 220v.

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