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Slayer 3 Group - Black

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Slayer has a unique method for preparing espresso. Familiar processes and variables may need to be altered when using this machine. You will want to follow general guidelines in the following areas: Roast Profile, Ground Particle Size, Dose Weight & Basket Size, Bed Depth & Tamp Pressure Brew, and Time of Extraction. These parameters are very different in comparison to other machines on the market.

In addition, Slayer’s brew actuator allows for three positions: "off", “pre-brew", and "full brew". The grouphead is in the "off" position when the brew actuator is moved all the way right. The "pre-brew" setting is activated when the actuator is moved to the middle of the group. "Full brew" is achieved when the actuator is moved all the way left.

Slayer’s advanced temperature management, patented precision needle valve, and simple serviceability key features to this brand.


Technical specs:

  • 220V/40A

  • Boiler Capacity:

    • Steam tank: 12 L

    • Brew tank: 1.23 L per group

    • Pre-heat tank: 5.4 L

  • Heating Elements:

    • Steam tank: 4,500 W

    • Brew tank: 600 W per group

    • Pre-heat tank: 2,000 W

  • Dimensions and Weight

    • Width: 40 in / 101.6 cm

    • Depth: 22 in / 55.9 cm*

    • Height: 17 in / 43.2 cm

    • Weight: 270 lb / 122.5 kg

  • CE Certified

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15-month limited manufacturer's warranty on all electrical and mechanical parts. Wearable parts (including but not limited to rubber seals, gaskets, and o-rings) are not covered under warranty, nor are labor or shipping charges. Damage to or failure of your Slayer machine due to inadequately treated water is not covered under warranty. All Slayer espresso machines need to be connected to a carbon water filter to remove chlorine, sediments, odor, and undesirable tastes from the water.

This requirement is in addition to any other necessary water filtration systems.

We recommend the following filters: EV9613-21 or 2015B with a Dual Head system

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