Kalita Style Up Glass Coffee Brewer Set - Red

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Looking for a home coffee brewing accessory kit? Your solution is the Kalita Style Up Glass Coffee Brewer Set. It's the perfect combination of coffee drip tools so you can start brewing right out of the box: all you need is the coffee! Kalita is known best for its wave dripper: the iconic wedge style, a three-hole design that extracts deliciously brewed coffee and it only works with Kalita Wave Filters. Both are included along with a dripper stand and glass server, which is wrapped in silicone for better grip and to protect your hands from heat. Perfect for homes, cafés, restaurants, or as a gift.


  • Kalita Wave Glass Dripper, Size 185
  • Kalita Wave Paper Filters, Size 185, 25 pieces
  • Kalita Glass Server with Silicone Wrap, Size 500ml
  • Kalita Silicone Dripper Stand

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