Fetco CBS-1221 Plus Airpot Coffee Brewer

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This Airpot Brewer can make 112 8oz cups an hour. Total brew cycle is 6 minutes (4 minutes to brew and 2 minutes for drip cycle). It features a large 2.66-gallon tank for faster recovery so service is easier for your employees. 

CBS-1221 Features

You will get a lot of flexibility with the dual voltage option for a couple of reasons. For one it gives you the ability to brew faster back to back. For another, if you are operating in a food truck type situation and you decide to go brick and mortar then you will definitely want to have the 220v option for the sake of volume and growth. Contact us for more guidance: we have lots of pro tips for cafés.

  • Batches can easily be turned off or adjusted independently.
  • Three programmable batch buttons.
  • Factory preset for plug and play operation.
  • Simple programming screens.
  • Laser welded tank for durability.
  • Large tank for faster recovery: 2.66 gallons.
  • Choose your power: 120V single or 120/200-240V dual available.
  • Cascading spray dome for more consistent extraction.
  • USB port to upload or download recipes.
  • Interchangeable components are accessible from the front.
  • Supplied with standard plastic brew funnel.

*Airpots sold separately.

About the Brand

Fetco is a reliable beverage equipment brand that has been serving cafés and restaurants for over 30 years. They have advanced manufacturing techniques with stringent testing that ensure you end up with high-quality equipment to stand the test of time. Fetco is a brand trusted by business owners and our beloved servers worldwide. Batch brew with a Fetco.

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