Claro Walnut Side Panel Set For GS3

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Sometimes it’s the little things that set you apart. An accent here, a touch of wood grain there. Completing the unique theme of your shop can be as easy as a change in portafilter handles or a new side panel for your espresso machine. Tie it all together with a walnut hopper lid or show the intricate inner workings of your machine with a custom glass panel. Hand made for Espresso Parts in Portland, OR

Due to variations in different production years of this model, sometimes it's necessary to use SKU# MZ_A2025 (chromed nut for glass side panel) when installing these panel sets.


**All of our walnut lumber is salvage or hazard wood and is ECO friendly**

Installation instructions for Claro Walnut GS3 side panels with conversion varnish finish

  1.  Remove stock GS3 side panel from the machine by first removing the chrome trim nut by hand, and then the brass nut with a 13 mm deep well socket.
  2. Place Claro Walnut side panel onto the threaded mounting posts with the beveled side facing out towards you.
  3. Use the chrome trim nuts that were removed in step #1 to secure the panel to the machine. Do not over-tighten the hardware, finger tight is all that is needed to secure panels.

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