Mazzer Mini Espresso Grinder Coffee Bean Hopper

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Now includes the lid. The replacement hopper for the Mazzer Mini grinder holds 0.62 kg (1.36lbs.) in weight (depending on the beans; different beans weigh slightly different amounts). This hopper fits all Mazzer models (except the models with the safety switch protrusion on the collar such as the Robur, Kony and new Major), with no modification. 19 cm (approx. 7-1/2") without lid, total height. 59 mm (2.32") outside diameter throat. Using this hopper with the Super Jolly model will make the over height of the grinder 21-1/2" inches, including the lid.

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Manufacturer Mazzer
Size Short (10 cm)

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I recently bought one of these for my Obel EB grinder, which has a monstrous size hopper. The mini hopper is probably 1/4 the size, and looks prettier. Can't beat the price, either. Since the diameter of the throat is smaller on Mazzer grinders, I had to shim up to size.


Perfect fit