CMA Steam Wand Re-build Kit

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Repairs leaks where the wand meets the valve, or where the wand swivels in the fixing nut. Also cures "floppy" steam wands. Remove and replace the existing parts. Be sure that the curved portion of the spring seat (W_604) is sitting on the wand, and the spring is sitting on the raised portion of the spring seat. The o-ring is the hardest part to get in, and should be positioned below the ball at the bottom of the nut, not sitting on top of the ball. Includes (as pictured, from top to bottom): 1 x GUAR21682, 1 x W_173, 1 x W_604 & 1 x F_467. Fits Astoria, Bravo, Formula, Rio and Wega.

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Manufacturer Espresso Parts
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