E61 Wega Version Manual Group Head Re-build Kit

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Not perfectly suitable for Rocket Milano, Giotto, Quickmill, Duetto, or ECM (German) Manufacture groups. Differences between the Wega E61 head and other E61 models include pin lengths, group cap, and seal sizes. . Also, the style of group to frame gasket (W_539), which would be inconsequential based on the parts offered with this kit, except in the case where the group to frame gaskets lower corners would be showing on the outside of the machine.

Includes: 1 x W_527, 1 x F_204, 1 x W_154 (REVISED COPPER WASHER FOR GROUP CAP), 1 x F_206, 1 x F_208, 3 x F_137, 3 x F_1404, 1 x F_235, 1 x F_145, 2 x F_85, 1 x F_217, 1 x F_231, 1 x W_539, 1 x W_556A and 1 x EPF_228NE, as well as a small 1cc packet of food-safe lubricant.

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Manufacturer Espresso Parts