Rancilio Old Version Steam/water Valve Re-build Kit

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For the old style steam valves used in the commercial S-20*, Millennium and Z-9/11 series. 1 x F_419, 1 x R_33, 1 x R_34, 1 x R_35, 1 x R_36, 1 x R_47, 2 x R_68 and 1 x R_69. This will stop the leak from the tip of the wand, as well as from the front where the knob slips on, but not where the steam/water wand meets the valve. For that use RKIT4.

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Manufacturer Espresso Parts

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Edward C. Fremaux

All the parts (and more) to do a re-build at a fraction of the cost of a new valve. East fix too!


Had a little trouble figuring how to get R 36 out, used a small drill and drilled small holes so I could pry it out but other than that, the kit did it's job, no more leak!!!