Nuova Simonelli Oscar Anti-Vacuum Kit

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Parts kit to convert the boiler fitting on the Oscar to accept an anti-siphon valve. Includes:

  • 1 x C_183 boiler safety valve
  • 1 x W_517 Anti-Vacuum Valve
  • 4 x C_211 PTFE gaskets - 2 x for the safety valve and 2 x for the female port of the existing tee on the boiler
  • 1 x MZ_25 copper gasket for the anti-vacuum valve
  • 1 x V_1864 1/4" BSP female by male by female tee fitting

First, assemble the kit. You may choose to use PTFE (plumbers) tape on the threads, but we've included gaskets in an effort to try and avoid this. Tighten all of the fittings together as tight as possible. Note: there may be some initial steam escaping when the machine heats up for the first time, but as the fittings expand with the heat these should disapear.

With the machine off, unplugged and with all of the steam evacuated from the boiler, label the wires going to the pressurestat. Remove the wires and then the pressurestat and safety valve from the fitting on the boiler. Next remove the tee fitting and fixing nut that was below the pressurestat. Thread the assembled kit into the side of the tee fitting, tightening it down so they the assembly will be horizontal with the boiler. The position of the assembly is not critical, so long as the fittings are tight enough as to not allow steam to escape. Thread the original fixing nut on the old existing tee fitting all the way on as far as it will go. Thread the whole new assembly back onto the boiler as tight as possible, but still positioned as closely to its original position. Tighten the fixing nut back down onto the boiler to hold it in the desired position. Thread the pressurestat back on and reconnect the wires.

Plug the machine back in and turn it on, taking care to ensure water is available and provided. Inspect for leaks after 30 minutes and address any issues.

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