Sight Glass Assemblies (Old)

NOTE: These parts are primarily for the OLD model Nuova Simonelli (MAC CUP, PROGRAM VIP, PREMIER Maxi, etc.,), and are NOT all suitable for the new models, such as the Aurelia, Aurelia II, Appia or Appia II.

C_377 S_266 OME_22 F_1866 V_454 S_267 S_268 S_268 S_394 S_141 S_23 S_51 S_268 S_267 S_89 S_141 S_23 S_25 S_80 S_48 AS_39 S_149 F_436 AS_39 S_48 C_258 S_149 S_80 W_517 S_146 S_107 S_147 S_106 S_107 S_146
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