La Marzocco Water Test Kit

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NOTE: DUE TO AN ERROR IN SORTING, LA MARZOCCO RECEIVED THEIR ENTIRE SHIPMENT OF THESE KITS WITH THE "TOTAL HARNESS" TEST STRIPS MISLABELED. They have issued the current kits with an additional, correct "Total Hardness" test strip, stapled to the outside of the package, and a note stating 'Please do not use "Total Hardness" test strip inside the water test kit, as it was mislabeled, and use this separate "Total Hardness" test strip'.

This inexpensive water test kit will give you a great starting point for finding the best solution for your water quality needs. It includes 8 test strips for the total hardness, as well as total Iron, free chlorine, total chlorine, pH, total alkalinity a chloride check and a new chloride strip. It should be noted that these tests are only the basic necessities required, and other particulate matter and/or contaminants may be present that remain untested for with this kit.

Use the handy water calculator provided here.

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