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Part # F_134-2 Stainless steel Espresso Machine Steam Wand Tip with 2 holes at 30 thousandths width and at a 30 degree angle. Designed specifically for the after-market CMA steam wand, AS_15 or GR_26 and some other after-markets. Primarily for commercial equipment.

Yes, the microfoam is amazing and they fit most all machines that have a wand where the male threads on the wand are 10mm outside diameter and each thread is 1mm apart from peak to peak; 1.0 thread pitch (in most cases, this is only on commercial after-market machine steam wands) and no more than five threads high. Be certain to carefully inspect and measure your existing wand before purchasing. You may want to consider purchasing a new after-market steam wand for your model that would accept this tip.

Note: The Silvia version 1 and 2 do not have a 10mm steam wand and hence this tip cannot be fitted to it, and the threads are too long on the version 3, so this tip doesn't fit on any Rancilio O.E.M. steam wand.

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SKU F_134_2
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I recently bought this item with the corresponding steam wand (grimac) as proposed by espressoparts and the thread don't match well, impossible to thread it completly... I've manage to teflon tape to have a proper joint; but I think it shouldn't be that way.. especcialy if it's designed for the steam wand i ordered ! Hopefully: the microfoam is really amazing and super easy to get. (I just wish it would sit flush with the wand proposed.


We have an older espresso machine and the two hole tip that was on the machine and wouldn't create the velvety foam one expects in a good latte. Installing this tip transformed our foam. Our customers and baristas noticed the difference immediately. Overall an excellent aftermarket tip.


This tip did not fit the 10mm x 1mm threads of my Expobar Office Pulser. The Pulser wand thread is 10x1 and the tip is supposed to be 10x1 but the threads are so poor on the 2 hole tip that they bind on the steam wand threads and prevent the tip from fully threading onto the wand. Had to re thread the tip to make it work. Once threaded properly and fitted to the wand, it makes foaming much easier and faster. Only took an hour or so to find and fix this problem. Would be 5 stars if manufacturing used quality control and checked for worn out dies and proper thread pitch.


We have an Olympia Maximatic from the 80's and the stock wand has 4 holes and doesn't work well for microfoaming as the holes are too large. The new maxi wands are not compatible so I bought this tip as a mod. At the machine shop we threaded the welded-on tip of the old wand (10mmx1mm) to accept this tip. Looks and works great.