Cafelat Silicone Group Gasket - 8 mm E61

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73 mm x 57 mm x 8 mm (Red) , the standard 8 mm thick gasket for E61 group heads. The Cafelat and "E61 8" side faces up when installing.

Some product history and notes:

  • The reason silicone was chosen as the material is purely from a cleanliness point of view, the gaskets are neutral and do not have any smell or taste  
  • They do not bake hard so removal is easier
  • No need to crank the portafilter tight in the machine as you would a hard EPDM rubber (the industry standard) gasket
  • Always use a silicone lubricant such as food safe white grease. Silicone does not like petroleum based grease 
  • When installing do not use a sharp screwdriver to push them in, the silicone will break. Use the portafilter with the basket removed to install  
  • Silicone gaskets have have been found to hold up longer than EPDM rubber, but this is not promoted, promotional focus is mainly towards the cleanliness benefit.
  • All batches are tested, the manufacture use FDA approved silicone and have them independently tested in Hong Kong  
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