La Cimbali Double Portafilter Basket - Most Common

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14 + (a little more) gram portafilter basket for the commercial La Cimbali espresso machines, all models.

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This basket doesn't snap into my porta filters tightly. So when hitting the knock box, it will come out with the expended grounds. I have learned to knock on the edge so that keeps it in place. So it will do until I find one that fits better. Other than that, it is good. I am using about 19 grams in it.


This basket is listed as 14 grams, just right for a double. However, using high quality, high density coffee this basket actually holds 20 grams. When only 14 grams are in this basket the espresso quality is lowered. If you want a 14 gram basket for high density coffee get the slightly smaller basket on this site, it's perfect!