Cimbali M-20/M-30/Faema E98 Steam Wand

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This curved version for the M-20 - M-30 models is 6 1/2 inches long, with the longest lower portion being about 4 inches long.

Also fits the Faema E98.

It must be noted that our supplier states these are compatible with the M15-20-21-22-25-28-30-31 and M-32 models (because Cimbali uses the same valves on all of their models), but that this version is AFTER-MARKET, and will not be the same as the original. It will fit on your machine, yes, and will work with all of the other ancillary parts, but will not use the same tip, and may not have the exact same curvature as an original wand. Additionally, no after-market tip fits this wand.

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