Precision 56.5mm Group Head Screen - Non-welded - 200 micron - CA_34

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It is critical that these screens are installed carefully! Over-tightening the screw will result in warping the screen, and over time (some months) the screen will not seat properly, potentially causing channeling. Install the screen with the screw tightened just enough to be held in place, then dispense water through it, inspecting the water flow as it passes through the screen.

IMS: MA 200 IM, MA200IM.

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SKU LF1460202
Manufacturer IMS


  • Central hole 7 mm - 98 holes ø 3 mm
  • Aisi 316 stainless steel - food-safe certified
  • Integrated membrane 200 µM

Suitable for some, but not all models of:





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3 Reviews


I replaced the OEM screen on my La Marzocco Linea Mini with this along with a silicone group gasket (Cafelat Silicone Group Gasket - 8.2 mm), and have enjoyed more consistent shots since doing so. With a naked portafilter, I'm getting more even distribution of the extraction. So +1 from me!


Just as the title says this works great on the LaMarzocco GS3. Much easier to clean and better, more even pulls. But I was surprised to find that it pulled uneven shots on the Line Mini and I found it was very loose so had to take it off. Not sure why that would be as I really wanted to like it on the Line as it is so easy to clean but the fit is wrong.


Screen stays much cleaner on the back side than the oem screen. Makes cleaning the group much easier. It's worth the cost just for that.