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Introducing to the market, from Australia, the DotShot. Alcorn Engineering worked tirelessly for nearly two years to bring this product to fruition. These timer displays mount beautifully flush to the front of your espresso machine to provide bright, clear LED light numerals, counting up accurately from the moment you hit the brew switch. Available separately are amber, blue, green, orange, yellow or white LED displays. They are controlled with the driver board mounted inside the machine.

Toss those old kitchen timers! The money spent annually on timers and batteries adds up (and they are kinda ugly and annoying). Here is a more permanent solution.

The DotShot timer kit for a "generic" two group machine includes two red LED display lamps, the driver board and wiring harness to connect power supply to the board and the board to your group brew switch.

All of the wiring is made of the highest quality silicone-coated wires.

The LED displays have two sizes of wire leads, 300 and 600 mm.

The loom connects the power supply and group brew switches to the board. Red and blue (290 mm) are hot and neutral. These are spliced into your power supply inside the machine. The gray wire (290 mm) connects to the nearest manual brew switch, the purple (580 mm) connects to the furthest (depending on where one places the driver board). The leads are attached together with one of the wires going into one of the the brew switches pump motor ("signal") terminals. The installer will need to determine which terminal on the back of the switch is connected to the pump motor circuit. The board should be mounted somewhere inside the machine where all of the wires are in close proximity to their connections.

Instructions are still forthcoming.


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