ACE 5 Button Touchpad - Blue Led

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ACE Replacement PC Boards allow you to give your existing touchpads a new lease on life. If the plastic parts in your machine are still good, simply disassemble, give all parts a good wash and re-assemble with new boards. It's simple and you'll be amazed at the difference of how the new tactile buttons feel compared to your old buttons.

This board was designed for the Linea Classic, and replaces the Gicar "Wizard" LAD3D5/THE. It also may replace the LAD3D5/P dosing circuits - you just leave the 6 pin connector empty. It has 5 blue led lights for the shot selectors. The 5th LED is dual function blue for the continuous pour and red for hot water lamp (when using 6 pin connector). For use in models with the 16 pin "Wizard" controllers only.

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Manufacturer Alcorn Cafe Engineering
Size Short (10 cm)

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