Bairro Alto AltoAir coffee drippers from espresso parts

Any barista that has dealt with clogged filters knows how tedious it is. The paper filters stick to the side of the coffee dripper, creating folds and bubbles that prevent perfect consistency between cups. Our friends at Bairro Alto have solved these problems from their little workshop in Bristol.

Inspired by a trip to Bairro Alto, Lisbon, the founders decided to start a business with the same name that combined their love of coffee with their love for design. The passion of the Bairro Alto team is evident in the sleek, futuristic design of their pour over coffee drippers, as well as their flasks that take on the much-loved aesthetic of the steampunk style.

The team at Bairro Alto knows that looks aren’t everything, so they’ve created their products to deliver practical benefits above and beyond their beautiful design. Their signature AltoAir drippers have removed the walls from the standard pour over experience, allowing for unrestricted flow. These coffee drippers make it impossible to get clogs from coffee grounds, and ensures that the paper filter will not stick to the side of the dripper, causing inconsistent extraction from cup to cup.

Made from 100% Stainless Steel, the original Alto Air dripper adds an impressive modern look to your brew station at home or in a coffee shop. These drippers are not just made to look nice, though. The Alto Air prevents paper filters from bunching up or clogging, allowing for a smooth and even extraction every time.

The Alto Air II improves on the brilliant design of the original Alto Air dripper by creating it from aircraft grade aluminum and coating it in anodized copper. The result was a dripper that is 40% lighter and 50% stronger than the original, with all of the same benefits of unrestricted water flow and even extraction.

Smaller and lighter than the original Alto Air, the Alto Air Mini dripper is made from CNC precision cut Stainless Steel. The mini dripper is perfect for those who want beautiful design, flawless performance, and only 1-2 cups of coffee at a time. The Alto Air Mini was not designed to be used with a Chemex, and uses Hario v60 size 01 paper filters.

The Alto Air and the Alto Air II drippers can be used with Hario v60 size 02 paper filters, Chemex paper filters, or Able Kone Filters for an incredibly pure, unrestricted extraction. These drippers were not designed to collapse or pop-up, and attempting to do so could result in damaging your beautifully crafted coffee dripper.