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The craft of coffee brewing has transcended traditional gastronomy. What began as a novelty in 15th century Arabia has long since taken the world by storm. The craft of brewing coffee has been mastered and remastered so many times through the ages that one can no longer distinguish the art from the science. Anyone devoted to the modern profession of brewing cannot find satisfaction without adequate equipment.

Astoria is a historic brand that represents the Italian tradition of espresso coffee machines. Astoria machines first went into production in 1969, and have since been offering baristas the best instrument with which to serve impeccable coffee. Today, Astoria represents excellence in espresso coffee machines around the world. If you’re looking for a high-quality machine with a long-standing history of innovation, look no further than the Astoria Espresso Machine.


Espresso has pushed coffee beverages as far as any innovation. Concentrating the flavor and power of coffee has inspired a countless number of flavor variations and drink choices. Anyone attempting to tackle the coffee industry needs access to the highest-quality espressos, and the job is impossible without the right tools.


Astoria is devout in the dedication to providing the highest quality espresso machines and parts to baristas everywhere. From automatic four-group espresso machines to single gaskets, all of the minutiae of master brewing tools are available under one roof, and every item is as carefully as the next.


Aesthetic beauty meets precision and efficiency when engineers and designers come together in seamless harmony. That is exactly the process that the Astoria brand has utilized for their professional series. Every line and curve is crafted deliberately to enhance the process and add to the irresistible anticipation usually attributed solely to rich aromas.


Espresso Parts shares the deep-seated passion that drives the coffee industry. We want every cup to be as exquisite as the last, and that is why we can comfortably endorse Astoria products. We supply the finest machinery in espresso, and we can help with optimal operation and maintenance. Your investment is that much safer when you have trusted access to repair and replacement parts that enable your equipment to keep its pristine condition. Let your brewing lab reflect your commitment to excellence with Astoria products.