Mazzer Major Electronic Espresso Grinder / Doser - 83mm Burrs, Black

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Mazzer's Major Electronic Espresso Grinder is a wicked yet affordable choice for the cafe that wants the functionality, convenience and savings of an electronic dosing grinder but doesn't quite require the muscle and mass of the Mazzer Robur. The Mazzer Major is the fastest flat burr Mazzer available. Grinding is made quick and easy with it's gigantic 83mm burrs spinning at between 1400 r.p.m (50hz) and 1600 r.p.m. (60hz) delivering coffee as fast as you need. The absence of a traditional doser means little to no waste! Some customers report a coffee waste savings from 7-30%. Even if you only save as little as a half pound to a pound a day at 7-9$ a pound savings overtime are massive. Mazzer's Electronic dosing chute and timed electronic dosing removes the guess work required to operate antiquated clumsy timer and on/off switched models. Precise dosing measurements can be determined, preprogrammed and then easily adjusted not to mention having the function dispensing at will filling the basket as needed using the pulse switch.
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