Mazzer Kony 110V Electronic Doser Commercial Grinder- Black

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The Mazzer Kony Espresso Grinder with Doser is THE grinder to own for fast paced high volume espresso shops.

Why buy a Kony? The conical burr advantage!

63 mm Conical Grinder Burrs.
Conical burr espresso grinder's motor spins at a much slower speed. Usually at about 500-700 RPM however on the Mazzer Kony the speeds are between 420-500 RPM. The advantage of slower grinder burr speeds means excessive heat won't be transferred from burr to beans preserving all the flavor, aroma, and integrity the coffee has to offer.

Conical burr grinders also produce a more consistent and precise grind which help produce the most flavorful espresso-based beverages. Espresso grinds consistent in shape and size assist the espresso machine with even extraction.

More Information
Manufacturer Mazzer

Kony Electronic

Electronic grinder-doser with conical grinding blades and slow speed rotation suitable for medium consumption.
Stepless micrometrical grinding adjustment.
On-demand grinding with electronic dose adjustment.
Single and double dose with independent adjustment.
Digital display with shot counter.
Ventilation device with electronic control to keep cool the motor.
Hand tamper and support for tamping are included.
Available in single phase version only.

  • certificazione Intertek ETL Sanitation
  • certificazione Intertek ETL Listed C US
  • certificazione DVE GS
  • certificazione KC Mark
  • certificazione EAC
  • certificazione CE
  • certificazione DEKRA