Mazzer Robur - 110v Electronic - Conical Burr Espresso Coffee Grinder-Black

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What makes the Robur E special and different? Let's start with the electronic dosing. You can set the programming on this grinder to exact repeatable volumes via the menu controls on top of the doser lid. Programming is a breeze, so adjustments can be made on the fly, to correct for humidity, and other environmental conditions in the bar. This feature is also nice when switching from a blend to a single origin coffee.

Grind on demand means just that. Hit the preferred dosing button and the coffee is ground just then and dispensed into the portafilter via the large smooth wall dosing chamber. Static and clumping have been addressed via a anti-static screen located at the throat between the dosing chamber and the grinding chamber. This effort reduces messes caused by fly coffee grounds and also addresses clumping by breaking up the clump as it passes through the screen.

The 900 watt motor in the Mazzer Robur E propels the ginormous 71mm conical burrs at a steady and efficient 500 RPM. This grinder the perfect choice for high production espresso bars hell bent on zero waste. Overheating has been addressed with the addition of brand new cooling fan, located within the body near the motor. The fan is activated every time you start to grind coffee and then runs on for 3 minutes after. This means that in a high volume situation the fan is consistently operating, thus reducing heat transfer to the burrs.

The Mazzer Robur E is fast becoming the grinder of choice of many high production espresso bars and serious Barista competitors. Infact the 2008 USBC Champion Kyle Glanville rocked the first Robur E known to exist with precision and grace at the WRBC in Berkley, CA and then again in Copenhagen during the WBC.

Here is what Kyle Thinks:

This machine marks a significant advance in espresso preparation equipment. For the last several years, grinder manufacturers have been climbing all over themselves to successfully create a doserless model that doesn't clump and is fast enough to handle high volume environments. 
In my opinion, all such machines before this have been failures. The Mazzer Robur E is special. Does it solve all the issues plaguing modern day espresso grinders? Certainly not. But it does a few things very well :

- Grind quality is superior to even other roburs, as there is an auger driving the beans through the burr chamber at an even rate and a finger guard breaking up clumps exiting the chute.

- Distribution is great. Angle the portafilter up towards the grinder body as it is grinding and the coffee piles up evenly in the center of the basket. I have seen absolutely no channeling in any of my pucks with this machine, even when I have tried to create it.

- Super accurate timer to control dosing. This is really important. The timer is programmable to 5/100ths of a second and dosing is accurate and consistent, cutting down on waste and ensuring shot to shot consistency.

- The Mazzer Robur-E is fast as hell. Tired of spending all your time working the doser lever or standing with the portafilter in your hand? This thing will grind 20g in less than 3 seconds!

- The machine stays cool. Thanks to an added computer fan mounted at the back of the grinder body, this machine stays cool under pressure no matter what volume you are serving.

Espresso grinders still have a very long way to go, but for now the Mazzer Robur-E is the biggest-baddest-bestest on the block.


Kyle Glanville
Intelligensia Coffee and Tea
2008 United States Barista Champion

The Robur E lead Kyle to damn near perfect scores on grinder tech points. Read more about Kyle and the Grinder here and here.

The technical details are astounding and to see one in action is to make you want one. If there are two things in life that you get to play with while working in coffee make sure that they are a kick ass espresso machine and a Mazzer Robur.

Mazzer Robur Espresso Grinder Technical details:

  • Power - 900 watt
  • Conical burr grinding blades - 71mm
  • Grinding blade/burr speed - 500 r.p.m. (60 Hz)
  • Coffee-bean container capacity - 1,8 Kg (4 lbs)
  • Ground coffee container capacity - 360 g (0,8 lbs)
  • Dose adjustment - 5,5÷8 g (0,19-0,28 oz)
  • Net weight - 28 Kg (62 lbs)
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