Everpure Scale Kleen Boiler Descaler - 7oz.

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Scale Kleen Scale Remover is a smart, environmentally safe way to delime OCS brewers and other equipment. It's easy! Scale Kleen's solid granules are easy to use; just mix* and pour. It's powerful, activated citric acid is the primary ingredient. Restores equipment to peak operating efficiency by removing scale build-up. Quickly removes limescale from coffee brewers. Ideal for deliming steam and warewashing equipment. Great for OCS applications. Non-toxic, safer to skin and won't burn clothing like conventional deliming acids. Sewer system disposable, so you can pour it down the drain.

* One 7oz packet per gallon (3.8 liters). Note that this product is intended to be sold and used by experienced and/or certified technicians on commercial equipment.

Please review the products MSDS here.

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SKU 2018
Manufacturer Everpure
Size Short (10 cm)
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