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The best way to correctly get water to your cart is to use one of these two styles of water tanks. Each tank holds 5 gallons of fresh water. Equipped to accept a Corny Keg fitting and with a stainless dip tube already installed, you'll be up and running in no time. Each unit is approximately 24"H x 11"W x 5.5"D.

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purchased as a replacement, works perfectly


This was my first external water tank and I was irked that no instructions or even tech information came with it or any of the accessories. At the very least, a diagram and perhaps something that lists the fittings size. Regardless, I managed to get it together for testing and it seemed to work. Unfortunately, it turns out that my gages were reading false positives as every fitting in the tank was loose and it was filling my machine with air along with, and at some points rather than, water. I figured this out after two days of explaining to everyone at the coffee festival that i had some great new items I was introducing but no way to show it as the three separate technicians were flummoxed. So our first coffee festival was a nightmare. Luckily, we had other items on offer so it wasn't a complete wash. So now I'm exhausted and frustrated and I've learned enough through this mess that I'm going to build my own tank for the next one. It was a hard lesson.


Just purchased an existing coffee cart and the tank they had was OLD and moldy... Yes, they had mold floating around in there. So I immediately bought this, it was super easy to instal, and it was delivered super quick. Thanks Espresso Parts!