Everpure Water Filter and Softener Cartridge - ESO 7

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Unique three stage blending cartridge provides softened/buffered/precoat filtered water.

A small amount of carbon filtered water bypasses softening resin to maintain low TDS level, while a buffering agent prevents water from becoming too acidic. Reduces hardness that can cause scale build-up as well as particles, chlorine and other off tastes and odors. It may be used in single, twin, triple or quad head configurations.

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SKU EV9607-25
Manufacturer Everpure

Softening cartridge reduces scale-forming minerals like calcium and magnesium in hard water situations. Designed for use on water having up to 30 grains hardness per gallon (500 mg/L) at flow rates of up to 1/2 gallons per minute.

  • Should be used with an Everpure brand fine filter cartridge installed in a series plumbed twin head
  • Sanitary cartridge replacement is simple, quick and clean; internal filter parts are never exposed to handling or contamination
  • NOTE: No electrical connection required


  • Scale control
  • Softening